Pumpkin vs Butternut Squash

It’s almost Fall, so of course I’m starting to explore some of those cyclical season ingredients. In years past, pumpkins have been symbolically connected to our impending season, but this year I’ve started thinking about a substitute, and I’m wondering about butternut squash. I’ve done one experiment so far, and it seems that – with similar seasonings – I can get a similar effect, with the added bonus of less size and prep work.

Your thoughts? Recommendations?



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Bobby Caples graduated from USF, and eventually went on to expand the concept of community-based behavior support in other settings, include the organization he founded called YouthBASE (Greenville, SC). The concept of YouthBASE was much like the concept of his thesis, only on a larger scale: Take ideas and strategies that had found success in other fields beyond after-school programs, and import them.