Fidencio Mezcal

There are (at least) 2 categories of bottles on my personal bar: Stand-alone drinks, and cocktail ingredients. Often times, a bottle services as both. For example, I could easily drink Gran Clasico straight, but also primarily use it as an ingredient for cocktails. Occasionally, a bottle finds its way to my shelf that only falls in one. Today, that bottle is Fidencio Clasico. Some souls braver than I will whole-heartedly disagree, and insist on the pleasures of sipped mezcal. I, on the other hand, am less likely to do so. That doesn’t mean a small barspoon of Fidencio won’t completely change the nature of a cocktail, though.Fidencio_Mezcal_Clasico_1024x1024

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Bobby Caples graduated from USF, and eventually went on to expand the concept of community-based behavior support in other settings, include the organization he founded called YouthBASE (Greenville, SC). The concept of YouthBASE was much like the concept of his thesis, only on a larger scale: Take ideas and strategies that had found success in other fields beyond after-school programs, and import them.