Extracts in Cocktails

OrangeI’m not really sure how I hadn’t realize or thought of this before, but I’m pretty excited about experimenting with extracts in cocktails. Many liqueurs are made with extracts, or use some extraction process in the making of their liqueur, so why not go straight to the source? I’m all for buying high quality liqueurs and spirits if they’re unique, but if I’m just trying to replicate a particular flavor or scent, sometimes simple is best!

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Bobby Caples graduated from USF, and eventually went on to expand the concept of community-based behavior support in other settings, include the organization he founded called YouthBASE (Greenville, SC). The concept of YouthBASE was much like the concept of his thesis, only on a larger scale: Take ideas and strategies that had found success in other fields beyond after-school programs, and import them.